2.24.16 – Tornadoes

So I’m going to attempt some real-life blogging – just every day life things. I figure I’ll ramble a bit about random things. Kind of like a little journal. You guys would like that, right? 😉 haha

Today has been quite different for me. Had my very first massage EVER this morning (had a facial massage before, but never an actual massage) and I must say I’m very excited about targeting the areas of my neck and shoulders and hopefully getting myself out of the mess I’m in from years of wedding photography (lugging around bags, cameras, heavy things – literally all. day. long.)…

So I had a wonderful back/shoulder/neck massage today, and then I get home and there’s a tornado warning and I see all these posts about “ALERT! TORNADO ROTATION! SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY. GET TO THE CENTER OF THE HOUSE!” etc etc etc and so of course I gather all of the pillows in the whole house and I grab Frederic (my cat) and shut myself into the bathroom, while texting all of my family and friends to alert them as well, and browsing the newsfeed for updates. Kind of felt a little ridiculous, but better safe than sorry, right?

So then I get a call from Jason…

“Darlin’ – get out of the bathtub, get off social media, you’ll be fine. If you hear something then you’ll know to go in there, but it will be fine.”


He knows me well.

I tend to overreact, follow the rules, do what I’m told, sit quietly in class, freak out when there are tornado warnings…

Anyway, nice relaxing massage and then tornado warning, and sitting in a bathtub with pillows and a cat. Kind of an interesting mix.

Thankfully there never was a tornado, and it’s back to work as usual.



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