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3.1.16 – Decisions, Decisions

Do you ever find yourself standing in the cereal aisle for like 20 minutes? Just trying to make a simple decision? *raises hand* (wait no, I don’t do that LOL *shakes head yes*) This is how my week has been so far.

(Side Note: My cat literally just glared at me.)

Today is an editing day. A planning day. I love days when I get to work in our home office and recharge. Listen to music. Talk to my cat. (and sometimes twirl around with my cat – yes, this is an honest journal)

I need these kinds of days, being the introvert that I am. Of course only 1 or 2 days at a time or else I’ll turn into a hermit and forget how to talk with people. 🙂

Last week, and the week before that, we were on location quite a bit, which I love (I mean – photography, it’s what I do!) but goodness I need days like this where I can be alone and focus and just “regroup” for the next thing, you know?

By the way, have you guys seen these boots from L.L. Bean? I’m sure you probably have. I’ve had them on my Pinterest “Wishlist” for quite a while, but I didn’t realize just how much I desperately need a GOOD, SOLID pair of snow boots until last week when we were on location, basically hiking up the side of a mountain in the snow/mud. I didn’t expect any snow, and so I wore my cowgirl boots. BIG mistake. haha! I’m super clumsy in the first place, so I’m going to watch for these to go on sale. I actually may get some Timberland boots though.

Anyway, gotta run. We’re having our photo taken for the local paper this afternoon. Very weird for us! 🙂



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