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2.20.18 – Choosing to be thankful.

Yes, you see it right…. there is a dining room table with a bunch of chairs sitting in our living room, plus Frederic sitting there.

This is our current situation. We’ve torn up the carpet in the dining room to make way for the original floors. The renovations are so little by little. Will be a while before we will be able to do anything to the floors, but at least we can tear up the carpet, room by room. One at a time, over time. Trying to stay thankful above all for the progress, even though it’s little by little and I don’t have a “finished” and “completed” house right now, I’ve got to be thankful for the progress and that we can make it how we want it, even if it may take a little time and a lot of patience. I like order, everything to be put in its place, put away, clean…. and so when things are like this it always pushes me a little, and it’s a reminder that I can choose to be at peace when in the chaos. I can choose to be thankful for each and every season I am in. ❤️


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