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3.15.18 – Overcome fear of prayer…

Going to be a little bit vulnerable, but I feel that I’m supposed to share it…

I have struggled with fear all throughout my life. Over the years I’ve learned how to overcome and push past certain fears in different seasons of my life, but I have noticed that the closer I am to the Lord, sometimes an “unnoticed” fear will surface. A couple of weeks ago I realized that I had been “afraid” of going for prayer, asking for prayer…. Which, if you think of it, sounds crazy, right? We ALL need prayer! But I realized that I had been making up excuses, listening to the voices in my head telling me “this prayer time isn’t for you” or “I don’t want the attention” or “what if I cry? That’s so embarrassing!” Each week I convinced myself that I would just wait for a word or someone to come to me, and sometimes it goes that way, yes, but part of this for me was conquering a fear that I needed to face on my own, I knew I was supposed to go…

So last week I decided that I was going to “jump” and go to ask for prayer in a Prayer Pod my church on Sunday. Let me tell you, I had some major anxiety almost all week leading up to it, but I asked the Lord to help me push past it, and I went, and I am so glad that I did. It helped me to see how ridiculous that fear was, and how “fear” was trying to keep me from something… something good. I believe going was a “game changer” for me. So I want to encourage you to go if you feel that you need some prayer for anything in your life, and if you feel hesitant for any reason, just know that it could very well be the enemy trying to keep you from something that could change your life.

So, what came of going for prayer?

“… He shall cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler…”

This is from Psalm 91, which has been on my heart since I received prayer, and the Lord has reminded me of it many times this week in many ways. So I’ve been praying it non-stop. ❤️ These words are powerful!


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