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7.17.18 – “Because I have a purpose for you…”

Those moments when the Lord takes you back and shows you what He was doing (that you didn’t know about at the time) but you know now… exactly what was happening at that time. Pretty neat to see now.

This morning I felt led to open up one of my old journals, and I opened it to “9/11” of 2017. Oh that day I thanked God for His protection, for protecting me from so many years of self-hatred, so many negative words I had spoken over myself. Yet, I am well today! So I was thanking Him for that and then I wrote…. “Lord, why did You do this for me?” and then I wrote that I had heard Him say, “Because I have a purpose for you.” and it totally wrecked me (in a good way).

Well…. fast forward a few months since that day, and the Lord put Psalm “91:1” on my heart in a very powerful way, it’s like “my verse” you know, like when I hear it I cheer inside because it just hits home with me. The Lord has drawn me to this verse, highlighted this verse, so many times and in so many ways. It’s my verse of this season of my life. It’s my “911” verse. It’s a passage on God’s protection. I read it every single day.

Psalm 91:1

“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High

Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

Why did I share this with you all? I have no idea. Just so neat to see God doing things. How rare to get to look back and see what He did back then, what He was already doing, to see that now.


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