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8.8.18 – 9 Years

Today, on 8.8.18 Jason and I have been married 9 years! It feels strange to think back on our wedding day because we were such different human beings back then. If life can be divided up into sections or “different lives” then our wedding feels like a couple of “lifetimes” ago.

Over these years we have changed so much as individuals and that has changed us as a couple, in a good way. We’ve had so many ups and downs together, been through good things and hard times, and I have to say that today, the marriage that we have together is so much better, so much richer than it has ever been.

I’m still discovering things about Jason that I never knew about him before, and in the moment I’m like “wait – how did I not know this?” But on the other hand, I’m thankful that we are still learning things about each other every day. I mean, my goodness, I’m still learning new things about my own self every day.

So Happy Anniversary to us, Jason Barr! I’m so thankful that God gave me you to do life with. I’m thankful that He is growing us and taking us places we never thought possible!

I love you ❤ ❤ ❤


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