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8.28.18 – Why?

I wanted to share a little more about why this new blog site suddenly came up. A lot of the posts you see are ones I have written before actually starting this site. Some of them were from our Revival Photography blog about our journey through the times of in between when our gear got stolen, when the Lord provided, and then posts about when the Lord started dealing with my fears – when I took hold of His hand and He started walking me through the steps, the journey He is taking me on as we knock those out one by one and move on to the next one.

The reason I started this site is because the Lord has been prompting me to write.

“But I’m not a writer, Lord?”

Often times I’ll be sitting with my journal and my coffee in the morning, and I’ll suddenly feel that I am to go and write. So that’s what I do.

The other morning instead of feeling prompted to write, I heard “lifeinthesecretplace.com” in my head. So I looked it up, and surprisingly it was not taken. I felt it was the Lord showing me that it was meant for me.

This is all I know at this point, not even sure of the “why” or where this is going.

All I know is this is “a place” for me to share what the Lord is doing, how He is taking me through the storms in life, how He has been faithful and protected me, and how He is little by little, revealing to me what my purpose in life is.


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