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9.28.18 – What’s in a name?

Have you ever researched the meaning behind your name?

I thought I knew what my name means, looked it up quite a few times, but I was skimming back through an old journal, from back in June of this year where I wrote that I felt the Lord put it on my heart to write down the meaning of my name in my journal. It’s interesting what that led to, I’ve never really looked at what each part means and looked at it all together…

Heather – “small shrubs, pink or white flowers that grow in rocky areas. A flowering evergreen that thrives on peaty barren lands.”

-Heather plants were once used for making brooms.

Michelle (middle name) – “who is like God”, “close to God” in Hebrew, “gift from God”

Ruff (my maiden last name) – “one dwelling on or by a patch of rough, uncultivated ground”

Barr (last name) – “height” or “hill”

Do you know what your name means? Type it in the comments below, I’d love to hear!

I’ve also been thinking a lot on identity. I’m reading a book that a friend gave me called Spirit, Soul, & Body by Andrew Wommack and I love what this says about identity in Chapter 17, “The Impossible Life”:

“How can you release something you don’t know or don’t believe you have? Once you do believe, you must reject the flesh and walk by who you are in the spirit. Cultivate a good image of who you are in Christ, and let that become the real you. It’s just a matter of discovering and releasing your true identity.” – Andrew Wommack


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