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10.13.18 – Father God

Our Father is tender and kind…. He’s not a spooky, distant, intimidating God.

He is gentle and sweet. He is warm. He is near.

I love that He has been showing me this side of Him because I have a feeling this tender Fathering side of Him is what I have needed to experience all of my life.

For so long I saw Him as a spooky, distant God who I was too intimidated to sit down and talk with. I was literally afraid (in the wrong kind of way) of God. I talked to Him in an arms length kind of way, uneasy and fearful of Him. I saw Jesus as my Savior, as a friend who was there for me, but in the process of learning to see God as my Father and then experiencing Him as a daughter –this has been life changing for me.

I mean, this is the same God who is an all-powerful, mighty, omnipotent, omniscient God. He knows the biggest of big things and yet He cares to know about my little thoughts –my story. I could fill up this page with more descriptive words and still not have enough to describe Him. He is MIGHTY, and yet He is a tenderloving Father who cares to bring me to a field of flowers just when I really needed to walk through a field of flowers and talk with Him. He cares to sit with me and teach me things, how to live life, how to get through my battles. He teaches me in ways I can understand and relate to. He teaches me about who I am as His daughter. I can approach Him and come to Him, through Christ, I am His child.

He is my Hero.

Keep me as the apple of your eye;
    hide me in the shadow of your wings” -Psalm 17:8


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