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10.17.18 – “April showers bring May flowers”

This morning I feel such a peace. Something is different.

I know the truth is starting to set in, things are changing. It’s like all of these things I’ve been believing and proclaiming and digesting and absorbing are starting to become part of who I am. As I sit here and think about this, tears of overwhelming gratitude hit me…

How many times I have proclaimed a verse in a really hard moment and peace did not come as I thought it would or should. I am realizing that things of this nature take time to grow, to set in and take root. I am realizing that it really is a journey. Each step of obedience and persistence is one step closer to seeing things change. There is something to pushing forward even when no results are seen or felt.

Just as we don’t actually see things grow with our eyes, it’s like we look again and suddenly there is a bloom! I didn’t even see that starting to form! Suddenlies.

Reminded me of the other morning as I was sitting at my dining room table, I opened up the little drawer under the table where I sit, and I found a note that I had typed up. I didn’t put a date on it, but I’m pretty sure it was April of 2017. I feel a little cheesy sharing this, but for some reason I thought I should type it up on here today. Here is what it said…

“God led me to come outside and walk around the field this morning and just to smell the flowers and look at the blooms on the trees. I was reminded of Spring and how God has been showing me through His creation and through “Spring” what He desires to do in our (my) life. Then I heard, “April showers bring May flowers” –this has a whole new meaning to me now. I was down at the field and I realized that God made this field of flowers just for me to experience in that moment…the desire of my heart to be able to have a field of flowers to walk through and talk to Him –He did this just for me. Then I walked over to some of the flowers in the trees and I could smell their fragrance… and this reminded me that “this is like our sweet aroma to God”…

I know –it’s Fall and I’m thinking of Spring lately. I am thankful for Fall, and but for some reason Springtime has been on my mind.

I love how the Lord uses things we can understand –simple things to give us such revelation.


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