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10.26.18 – Dangerous Roots (an unexpected 2nd post)

I was doing some reading today and something hit me, I felt I needed to stop and write about it right now. Maybe it’s just for me, maybe it’s for someone, I don’t know. Could be a reminder to myself that I’ll need to read again later on.

The Lord has been taking me through dealing with root things like fear, insecurity, obedience, and rejection. But today the Lord showed me additional reasons for this that I’ve not really considered.

Yes, it’s part of the walk, it’s part of learning to be a disciple, it’s part of the journey of growing closer to God and getting rid of hindrances that limit me, yes it’s about freedom –but there is more to it.

Our Father knows that when we live with these kinds of issues and don’t deal with them and ask forgiveness of them, they become areas where we are in agreement with the enemy. The enemy can take these areas where we are in agreement with sin –our weak areas and then use them to cause us to stumble and fall. (And it’s no ones fault but our own.)

Not only does this affect our own walk with the Lord, but it can can affect others in their walk.

What’s the reason for this post?

I felt like the Lord gave me a glimpse of where I could have been right now if I hadn’t of repented and asked Him to lead me out of certain issues and sins.

I am so thankful for His guidance, His conviction, and that He didn’t give up on me. He also reminded me of how as humans we are not “immune” to certain “hideous” and “unthinkable” things. We must always, always be on guard, we must realize our own weakness without the Lord, and we must know how much we desperately need Him in all things. Always. Every single day.

I want to be strong and healthy in mind, body and spirit. I want the Lord to keep taking me through any areas of my life that are not in agreement with Him, because I know that I need to be strong, and I need to be on guard to be able to live this life for Him.

So Lord forgive me for any areas that I haven’t been in agreement with You, cleanse me and I ask that You will continue to lead me and convict me of any area that needs to be dealt with. I thank You so much for helping me take each step, for protecting me and guiding me! In Jesus name, Amen!


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