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10.27.18 – Shutting the excuses down.

Somehow I’ve come across the most articles on the “INFJ” personality type lately. It’s the result I always get when I take the personality test. Well, I ended up on a bunny trail yesterday (or is it “rabbit trail”? I don’t know but you know what I mean I think) and I was deep in “research” before long.

I find the topic of personality intriguing –the way people are, what makes them tick and react to things. I’ve always thought that if I wasn’t so exhausted by being around people all of the time I would have gone into psychology. That would actually have been a very dangerous world for me to get into. I would much rather do what I do and be able to observe people, moments between them, interactions… and photograph the qualities I think are beautiful and interesting in and between those people. Isn’t that wonderful? I get to do that. So very thankful.

I don’t think there could be any better career for me than photography. I do think people are surprised when they ask me, “What’s your favorite thing to photograph?” They think I’m going to say, “product shots or landscapes” because of my introverted personality, and then I say, “People and their lives” 🙂

Not sure why I am to share this today, but here’s something I haven’t shared with many people… probably because it feels like a bit of a failure, and partially because I still feel a little silly for even trying it…

A few years ago I had actually made plans and started the process of writing a book or really a sort of “guide” related to introverted brides and focused on how to get through the wedding planning process and the wedding day as an introvert…but…

God shut it down.

Oh He did. He stopped it dead in its tracks.

I wondered “why” for a while because it was rolling along quite nicely. I even designed my cover, I laid out the chapters and the names, I did my research. Words were flowing, and I’m not even a legit writer. I really thought it could have been something.

But I was thinking about this the other day and I know now “why” it got shut down.

I was on the road to creating something that would give someone who was like me –an introvert, an INFJ personality type –nothing but big fat excuses.

I was limited. I was a very, very “limited” person living a comfortably, limited life. I was about to give other people tons of excuses to act in the ways that I did. Ha! How horrible would that have been!?

“Oh, you don’t want to do this on your wedding day? Here’s how you can get out of doing that and you can do this because you are this way and that’s okay…” uhhhh.

Everything the Lord has been doing in my life lately is pushing me further away from those kinds of excuses. Instead of the excuses it’s, “Yea, you are naturally this way, but you can do this when God leads you to it. You can do all things through Christ. If He leads you to it He will help you do it.”

So thank you, God for shutting that down! I’m so glad He did because what a serious waste of time that would have been.

As I am writing this I still don’t know why I am sharing this on here.

Maybe it all comes down to this for today –the things that God shuts down are sometimes to protect us from our ownselves, and to prevent us from messing up our lives. I am so thankful for that.


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