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11.5.18 – I will not stop and sit here…

I am realizing in this journey that sometimes after much victory, the battle only intensifies. After breakthrough is when we get to the other side and then have to use what we’ve learned in this battle. Sometimes that can feel like an unexpected set back.

Let’s just say I was caught off guard by one of those. This morning I sat down to write and even truthfully thought, “What’s the use?” And then it hit me what was going on here.

Did I really think it was going to be easier? Did I really think, “Ok God! I got through some things, let’s just enjoy this and relax a little bit! I’ll keep moving forward, but please let’s just take easier trails to the top for a bit…” –No, He loves me too much to let me do that. Why He is moving me so quickly, I don’t know, but I know I can trust Him.

So this morning I am reminding myself that I think it’s probably time for the next bandaid to come off.

The Lord is moving rapidly in my life and where I once was is just not going to work anymore. A new challenge is in the making.

But it’s all worth it, HE’s worth it.

I will not stop and sit here in this.

Thank you for this reminder, Lord!


2 thoughts on “11.5.18 – I will not stop and sit here…

  1. Oh YES!! Made me cry as we to are in FULL BATTLE!!! God is on our SIDE PULLING AND FIGHTING FOR US

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