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11.6.18 – Almighty God, to You my heart is open…

I know I’ve mentioned this song before, by Sandra McCracken, but today I am listening to the Live version this morning…. and for some reason I keep playing it over, and over and over again –even though I have listened to it many times before.

Thought maybe I should share the lyrics on here this morning…

But before I do, I wanted to mention this too, “The Almighty” is a name for God describing His dual roles as nurturer and protector. He is a safe place for us to open our hearts to Him. When I listen to this song I often feel a type of brokenness that opens me up to be raw and real with Him. And sometimes that’s nothing more than just tears before Him.

“Almighty God”

by Sandra McCracken | from the album Psalms (Live version from Steadfast)

Almighty God to you all hearts are open

Search and know our thoughts and anxious fears

Wash us in the fountain of your mercy

Come with your light, we cannot hide from you

Almighty God to you all hearts are open

With gratitude we raise our song to you

Come and fill the praises of your people

In grace and truth, you make us new again


Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah

Almighty God to you all hearts are open

We long for more than what this world provides

No shallow spring will ever satisfy us

Your river deep floods over everything (Chorus)

To you all hearts are open, Almighty God… (Chorus)

I wanted to type in Sandra’s prayer in the Live version of this song…

“Almighty God – to You all hearts are open.

All desires are known. And from You no secrets are hidden.

Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts by the inspiration of Your Holy Spirit.

That we may perfectly love You and worthily magnify Your name.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.”


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