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11.13.18 – Walking and talking with Him

I read something yesterday that stuck with me…

“Those who walk with the Lord will have heavenly perspective.”

This morning it made me think about how much I love to “walk and talk” 🙂 There is something about walking with a friend and talking with them — it’s easy to get lost in the moment of conversation and you don’t even realize the time has passed or the fact that you’ve been walking such a long way because you’re focusing more on the conversation and companionship than the actual walking part or on the pathway.

I feel like the Lord loves to “walk and talk” with us. When we meet up with Him at the meeting spot, join Him, and take hold of His hand, get into conversation with Him about anything and everything, and then get lost in what He has to say — there is something about all of this that makes time and place fade out of focus. My focus is on the conversation, the companionship, on HIM, and not as much on the walk, the earthy things, the struggles and challenges that I face…

Today I am reminded to “Look to Him” and “Walk with Him”, and keep my eyes on Him, on His Word, on His faithfulness and beauty of His goodness. I know that when I walk and talk with Him, I’ll be less focused on the path and any challenge I will face.

All of these things will go out of focus as I put my focus on Him.


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