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11.16.18 – Agh! Another post today! :)

The Lord just opened my eyes to something that I’m so blessed and excited to discover, and so I had to share it. I just couldn’t keep it in, and you know, why should I? 🙂

Earlier this year the Lord led us to something and we had to make the decision of whether or not to be obedient. It was at a very challenging time for us, and it literally did not make a bit of sense to do what the Lord was asking us to do. In fact, what made “worldly sense” would be to do the exact opposite.

Well, a few minutes ago I discovered what happened right around the time we said, “yes” to the Lord and did what He asked us to do.

Let me tell you… the Lord did something huge. I am only now able to see the timing how all of it happened (and the fact that it’s “now” is not an accident either, by the way)

That one act of obedience was the very key that led us a doorway of opportunity and unlocked it for us.

One act of obedience can be the very key to open the door of opportunity.

God is so good. Do you know why He wants us to be obedient?

For our own good. Because He loves us. Because He doesn’t want us to miss out on His goodness, His Kingdom. Because He’s taking us somewhere and we need to be able to unlock those doors to keep going and move forward.

And it’s even more than that…

In all of the things we do not understand, why we are to do the things we are led to do…

We never know when that act of obedience could be someone’s “answer to prayer”.

Thank you, Lord for showing me this today, and for reminding me that You’ll do it again and again!


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