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11.16.18 – An “unusual” morning…

Today I am going to go ahead and start writing, even though I don’t exactly know where this post will go.

This could lead to some rambling, so just beware and prepare yourself up front. 🙂

So this morning started with an unusual twist! I found myself studying science. Haha Very strange for me. Extremely out of the ordinary for me. You may even laugh at that one if you know me really well. 🙂

Don’t know where that one will go, but I noticed a pattern in some different words I’ve heard used lately, looked up what they meant, and then before I knew it I was digging into the science behind those words, and researched a few things. This one may have to sit a while before I understand why I am looking into these things, but I thought I should jot that down here.

Things aren’t as they seem. That’s pretty exciting though, isn’t it?

Anyway, this morning I am filled with thankfulness. It’s so nice to wake up feeling encouraged rather than instantly feeling things I have to fight off right away, before my feet even hit the floor. Over the last two weeks I’ve often had to start fighting off dread or feelings of worthlessness as I wake up, almost right away, sometimes the feeling of lethargy or mental fog, or just not feeling well… but this morning I awoke feeling encouraged and had a clarity and even a deep curiosity. Very interesting. Not exactly sure what has changed, but it feels like something has been defeated, a victory – and I’m very thankful.

It’s very encouraging because I will be honest with you, the last couple of weeks have been hard around here. We are good and so blessed, but things have been hard and a little heavy at times. Through it all I will just continue proclaiming, “God, I trust You! I trust Your Word. I will stand firm. I will keep following You.”

A reminder to myself when I need to remember who I am following, and that is the King of Victory!


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