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11.17.18 – The sweetness of being cherished by the Lord…

You know, I have just come to accept that weeping is usually part of my day. I am growing to love it, to be quite honest. When I get to be alone with the Lord and just let go and weep with Him –there is such a refreshing that comes from that. A closeness…

This morning I was just completely overcome by the sweetness and tender lovingkindness of our Lord.

I feel like He is allowing me a small glimpse into His work sometimes — It’s like He’ll nudge me and then I’ll be able to see a sort of “fullness” of what He did “behind the scenes” in certain situations. He doesn’t have to let me see these things, but He does, and there is such a sweetness to getting to see what He’s doing for us. To get to see a little bit of His heart.

Yesterday He reminded me about a situation and led me to look back into the “timeline” of things, and sure enough, I could see the evidence of His work…His fingerprints.

Well, late last night He gave us another look into some of what He’s doing in this current challenging situation we’re in. A very obvious glimpse, that I feel, represents what He will do — and a loving reminder that He will take care of us.

This reminder of what He did for us gave us the faith for what He will do again.

Right now I just picture us being warmly wrapped and carried in His big fatherly arms.

It’s just so beautiful, and the sweetness of the Lord –His lovingkindness is beyond what I can describe. It’s His heart.

Trust Him with your life and He will so tenderly take care of you. It’s the most beautiful and wonderful thing to feel so cherished by the Lord. I am starting to not care so much about where I go, I just want to be close with Him wherever He leads.

He’s full of beautiful surprises for us, and when these things are revealed, it’s warm, sweet, and comforting just like Christmas morning.


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