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11.22.18 – The Light of Thankfulness

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” -1 Thessalonians 5:18

Today I am thankful. My heart is full.

But you know, it’s not always so easy to be thankful in all things. On days like today it’s easy to be thankful, but I don’t always have such a strong reminder as I do on Thanksgiving Day.

There’s more to “thankfulness” than we sometimes realize…

I’ve learned that thankfulness is a powerful weapon against darkness.

Choosing to be thankful brings light into any kind of situation. Thankfulness allows me to see the truth. That “thankfulness” light will lead to the creation of a better situation.

I know that when I choose to be thankful in a situation that doesn’t “feel good”, that thankfulness is going to get me one big step closer to a heart full of gratitude and peace when I’m in the midst of a struggle.

When I choose to be thankful I know I’ll be able to truly see the things I can be thankful for, even if I don’t think there could be anything. By being thankful I know I’ll be led to the discovery of the truth.

I can say from experience that being opposite of thankfulness will set me onto the downward path of a dark spiral staircase.

So Lord I give You thanks in ALL things! Thank you for teaching me the power of the light of thankfulness in my heart and in my life –leading me from the depths of that dark spiral staircase and back up into the light.


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