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11.23.18 – A different kind of quiet that causes me to lean in closer…

Something feels different this morning. (Just bear with me, I am going to attempt to write from a place of being exactly where I am in this moment…)

There is a strange “silence” this morning. Maybe it’s more of a “quiet” than a “silence”…

I’ll be honest in saying that my initial reaction is question, reflection –even concern.

Yet, I know that this only draws me to lean in closer to Him.

So today I’ll embrace what seems like a sort of “silence” to me, and I know that I will only need to get a little closer in order to understand what He is showing me…

I’ll be honest about where I am today in this journal. I refuse to write something on here just to have something to write every day. For almost 80 days I’ve come to expect that He will give me something I should write about every morning, because He has. But I have learned that even though the Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever… He does allow us to go through change because it challenges us. It grows us, it keeps us on our toes. It moves us.

I do know this.

Well, the Lord is speaking to me in a way that’s a little different than I am used to today, and I’m still trying to press in to understand it. Maybe today is meant to stay within my own personal journal, and for here, I’ll just say that I am gathering the words to be able to express something that is currently processing within. That’s okay with me, if it’s okay with You, God 🙂

I could just skip writing anything on here today, but it seems this could be the very thing I was to document for this day.

I trust You, Lord. Thank you for the journey.


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