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11.25.18 – Shimmer

Every day I have been noticing a new shimmery white hair on my head. Not grey, but completely white. I used to pull them out when I would find one, “let’s just remove that and pretend it didn’t happen…”

…until one day I realized that I may need to hang onto the hair that I do have, seeing this rapid conversion taking place. I mean, how long until they just don’t come through at all anymore? Ha! (Yea, that’s an interesting laugh that I don’t even quite understand.)

As they started coming more rapidly I had to make the decision of whether or not to start coloring my hair. Couldn’t avoid it any longer. It took me a little while to decide, but I ultimately made a decision.

I finally decided that I really like being in my thirties. I have fond memories of being in my 30s. If my hair starts mixing in these white, silvery, glittery strands on my head, then so be it. I happen to kind of be okay with it. If a few strands of reflective, shimmery white hair represents being where I am in life, my 30s, then I’ll embrace it.

Now, if I could just be okay with the skin and wrinkles I’m starting to see on my face…

(I think I’ll continue on a journey of finding the fountain of youth for that. Haha!)

But you know, I am 33 years old, and I am realizing that I am just now living life. I am just now enjoying the company of others, I am just now really learning about who God is. I am just now learning about who I am.

The last year has been full of struggles and challenges, but it’s also been one of the best years of my life. I’m more awake now than I’ve ever been.


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