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11.28.18 – The Edge

Have you ever been in a situation where you were trusting and believing for God to come through, to be your help that you know He is…

…and then you come right to the edge.

The danger zone.

The “how can you let me be in this place, Lord?”

“When are You going to swoop in and save me? How can I go any further toward this edge?”

Oh that uncomfortable place of uncertainty, yet still hanging on, inching closer to the edge while still trusting that “He will.”

These last few weeks have been like that for us.

And this week we came to the very edge.

I asked the Lord, “Lord? Why are we here? What are we to learn from this bad situation that I know You didn’t cause for us?”

Oh, that moment when He shows you…

That moment when you repent and thank Him for the clarity.

That moment when you continue on trusting and believing, yet with even more hope even though you are still right at that edge, in the very same place and could fall at any moment. The ground could start to crumble beneath you at any second.

Yea, it’s not the kind of edge that can be jumped across, it’s more of the kind that you would fall to your death if you fell over unless it was like the legend of The Blowing Rock and the wind blew you back up. (Haha! Had to throw that in there.)

But I’m just so thankful for the times when we make our own mess, and the Lord allows us to feel the pain of that situation for a little while –sometimes He allows us to feel the danger of the situation for a little while to show us some things we urgently need to learn and understand for our future.

Through all this I also learned that the enemy will try to jump in and take advantage of the messes we’ve created and that rascal will try and make it seem even worse than it is. He will try to kick us when we’re feeling the most helpless –an attempt to drive us to make decisions we shouldn’t make yet, or to do things we shouldn’t do, develop bad attitudes, or to get us down and disheartened.

Oh, wouldn’t it make sense that he would attempt to cause us to do things that would take us off our pathway –our destiny? A wrong decision made based on fear or anger.

If we allowed this to happen, it would be our own fault, because it’s just an illusion. Don’t allow the enemy to get to you, it’s all just an illusion.

But take heart! Help is on the way. Keep moving forward and then stand firm when the wind picks up at the edge. God is faithful!

The key is talking with the Lord about the things we don’t really want to face in the situation, things we don’t want to really admit. When we do though, that’s where the Lord can swoop in and do His part. He knows we need to learn the lesson from the situation for our own good. He loves us enough to see us through, but in the right way.

And when He does, it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.


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