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11.30.18 – This Far

I discovered this song a couple of days ago and it has stuck with me and encouraged me. Wanted to share it with you today…

“The Water (Meant for Me)” by I AM THEY

This far, He has held us through the waters

As they crash against

This far, He is with us

He is for us through the stormy depths

I will soar on wings like eagles

O God, You’ve carried me

This far, this far

There is power, victory, hope for the broken-hearted

Healing meant for me

There is goodness, justice, rest for the weak and weary

love that’s meant for me

This far

He has led us through the darkness to the light of day

This far

He has shown us love and mercy and unfailing grace

When my hope is lost in the shadows

This promise You have made

It’s not far, not far

When the water, the water, the water is crashing over

He’s gonna, He’s gonna, He’s gonna

He’s gonna save us

The water, the water, the water is crashing over

He’s gonna rescue us

I haven’t listened to the full album yet, but check out this video they did that gives more of the story behind the making of the album…


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