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12.10.18 – A Sign of His Nearness

We all go through ups and downs. Some ups are higher than others and some downs are deeper than others, but we do all go through them from time to time.

It’s no surprise.

I wouldn’t think it should need to be the cause of worry or item of gossip if someone is going through something hard. Do we all need to be covered in prayer, oh yea. Sometimes more intensely than others? Yes, for sure. I say, “yes, please” 🙂

So I wanted to start by saying that so that.

It’s okay to sometimes be in a moment of not “being okay” when you know the Lord’s got your back. Maybe it’s a moment of not being “okay” but I know that when God has my back, it will be okay. I can endure the pain because I know what’s coming.

Well, the other day I was in a moment of not being okay, but I was having that moment with the Lord, and so I knew that it was only a temporary moment of not being okay. I needed to be real with God in that moment though, and so I just let the tears flow with Him. I just let it go. I just let it out. I was riding down the road and I prayed something a little different than I would usually pray,

“Lord, I just would really love to see glimpse of hope from You, comfort, that You are near, because I know that You are, and I know that it will be okay, but won’t you bring me comfort in this moment of not being okay right now?”

The very moment I looked up and out my window, I saw a large white cross on the side of the road, in the middle of some trees. Just a random cross someone decided to put there. There wasn’t even a church there, it was just a white cross right there where my eyes lifted to.

I knew in that moment that the Lord delighted in what I asked for, and He was glad to do it. It’s like He said, “I’m glad you asked.” He brought me so much comfort in that moment and I was able to praise Him for His faithfulness and in that moment my heart was warmed and I knew –even more strongly, that this moment of “not being okay” was not going to last for too long.

I realize that it’s a bit vulnerable to share this with you, but the Lord is too kind and good and wonderful to not share about the sweetest things He does. So why not?

The other part to this story is that if the Lord leads you to put a random cross in the woods on the side of the road, don’t second guess it because He probably plans to use it in some big ways. 🙂


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