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12.16.18 – Growing Closer

Over the last couple of weeks, the Lord has been revealing to me, or should I say, “exposing” ways that I have still been keeping Him at arms length.

I am currently working through this.

Something new has begun within me as the result of being exposed to His light shining on these areas that have been in the darkness –places I didn’t even know were there because they were so deep.

Deep things I don’t think I could have ever realized until I asked Him.

But isn’t it amazing the things the Holy Spirit will reveal to us when we just ask Him.

He wants to show us these things for the good of our relationship with Him (which also affects our relationships with others) He wants to show us ways that we can be closer to our Father’s heart. And sometimes that means knocking down walls that we didn’t even know where there.

When we are closer to our Father’s heart we come a little closer to understanding His love. We come a little closer to understanding His ways. We come a little closer to understanding the deepest part of who we are in Him.

I used to despise when He would show me things about myself that I didn’t like. At the start they were more “surface” things that I kind of already knew, and as I have grown closer with Him they have gone deeper and deeper. Now I love digging deeper with Him because I know it brings me closer to Him, and that it’s good for me. It’s healthy for me to come to the realization of things that are hindering me, keeping me from being closer with Him.

He doesn’t show me these things to say, “Uh oh. Look what I found in you, this horrible, bad thing about you that I dislike and disapprove of….”

…but instead it’s more like,

“Here is this thing that is keeping you from more of My goodness that I desire to bring to you, My blessing… it’s in the way, let’s knock this thing out together so that we can be closer. Closer now. You don’t have to wait until heaven to be close with Me.”


So different, right?

Can you tell which one of those is coming from a way of love?

That one is true.


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