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12.19.18 – The Key

We’ve been reading a book study along with our church prayer group. Have you ever heard of “The Circle Maker” book? Well we’re reading the 40 Day Prayer Challenge book that goes along with The Circle Maker, and it’s called “Draw the Circle“.

In this study, one of the first things to do is to ask the Lord what are the things, the promises that I am to “circle” in prayer. So I’ve had these things that I’ve been “circling” – putting prayer emphasis on… circling the promises of God so that I remember to be consistent about talking with the Lord about these things every day.

Well you know, Psalm 91 is so full of the promises of God, and so I love to read it in the mornings. Boy have I circled that one. Well, if you’ve read in my journal before I have a special key bookmark that marks Psalm 91 in my bible, for easy “access” (had to throw that in there 😉) Well this morning right after I read Psalm 91 aloud, I picked up that key and remembered the story behind how it became significant to me. Then I turned the key over onto the other side (One side says, “Minute Key” but I’ve never paid attention to the other side of it really) and on the other side here’s a picture of what I saw…

Immediately when I saw this I thought, “the key is in the circle”…. oh wait, yes! The “key” is in the “circle”. But look, that key is also breaking through. The key comes from the circle. Prayer is the key. By circling that promise in prayer, that promise that we have circled in prayer will then become the “key” that we need which will lead to unlocking of the door.

I realize this may seem completely ridiculous to anyone else who reads this. But to me, it means a whole lot of meaning.

Sometimes the littlest things mean so much, and yet sometimes it’s easy to pass them by because they might seem ridiculous or too small or not meaningful enough.

Anyway, I only have a couple of pages left in my current hard copy journal. As I’ve said before, often my different journals are different seasons for me. Funny how it has worked out that way. Each one is something different.

I already have my next journal picked out and ready to go when it’s time for it. I’m pretty excited about it, but at the same time, I am not rushing through these last few pages of a journal that’s not exactly been my most favorite. I know the pages of this one are as important as any other journal, if not more-so.


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