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12.20.18 – Update: I had a breakdown.

First of all, don’t leave… I added some comedy in here. Thought I’d say that in advance.

So I had a mini break down. Being vulnerable here. I’m human, it’s no surprise.

(But wait, this isn’t a “sob story”… err maybe technically it is…. but I’m going somewhere with this.)

No, I didn’t throw anything, it wasn’t that kind of breakdown.

I hit my end today and I cried harder than I have in a long time and on top of everything because of some kind of bronchitis/cold thing I’m trying to get over, I’ve completely lost my voice, all except for a little squeak sound. So at least it was a very silent kind of breakdown. (It’s okay, you can laugh a little bit.)

But it wasn’t just any ordinary breakdown. It was a breakdown before the Lord.

Oh yes, I turned that breakdown into a prayer.

Then, God…

Oh wow, how in that moment of turning that breakdown into a prayer, He suddenly placed something within me. It was a new way of seeing that completely changed my mind about this trial that I am facing.

These trials that we face? They’re necessary.

They strengthen us. They prepare us.

I don’t know about you, but right now in this moment as I type, I am feeling excited about the effects and results of this trial that I am currently facing. I am determined to do this trial right. I am literally feeling excitement. Haha!

Only the Lord can do that. Thank you, Jesus.

–Heather ?

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