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12.21.18 – My Part of the Story

A silly little story from sometime last year came to my mind just now, thought I should start telling it and see where it goes…

It was last year. Or maybe the year before that? I was sitting in the Bojangles drive-thru line on a Sunday afternoon. The line was moving slow, and I was behind a lady in an old pick up truck that was piled high with junk.

I could barely see the line ahead of me from where I was sitting because the truck was so piled high with trash, and also because we were on a bit of a hill. I honestly don’t know how she managed to fit in the drive-thru.

The line was moving very slow, but I realized we had been sitting in one spot for a really long time. Then I realized the lady in the truck in front of me had been trying to start her truck –over and over and over again. I didn’t know what to do, so I just waited, thought maybe she would get out and speak with someone about it or someone would come to her from Bojangles to move her out of the way of the drive-thru line if it didn’t start. From where I was sitting, there was no getting around her.

Finally, 3 capable looking men from back in the line somewhere came and talked with her and then they headed to the back of the truck to push the thing out of the way.

Looking at them, they seemed as if they could do it just fine, so I waited to see if they could move it. Well, the thing wouldn’t move.

I rolled down my window and came out of my comfort zone for a bit to say, “Do y’all need help?”, but I don’t think they heard me.

They couldn’t do it! I was like, oh goodness, what now?

Then I opened the car door and said, “I don’t think I would be of any help at all, but I’ll come help push too!”

Lo and behold when I got in there and helped these 3 men push, the dang thing moved. We pushed it out of the way. Haha

When I first remembered this story this morning I wasn’t sure where it would go, or why in the world I would need to write it down here.

But I realize now where this is going.

I think the Lord is reminding me that I’ve got to do my part. Even if I think it’s the littlest, tiniest part that surely wouldn’t mean very much. Even if I don’t think I could possibly be capable, the Lord can use me. He wants to use me. He did make me, after all. He did place me here on this earth. I must be good for something. 🙂

So, no longer can I get away with just sitting back and letting a more capable person handle a thing. I’ve got to jump in and do my part because it does matter.

–Heather ?

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