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12.25.18 – The Heart behind this Grand Story

Actions often give us a glimpse into a person’s heart. We can tell a lot about a person’s heart by their actions. (And I can tell a lot about myself when I take note of my own reactions…)

This morning as I was sitting here thinking about our Heavenly Father, I thought about His heart — The heart behind the way He likes to orchestrate things, the way He likes to work them out. By seeing the way He chooses to do things, we can see so much of His heart, His personality.

I love the way He loves to use “small” things. How He notices and sees those who are “small” and “insignificant” by the world’s standards and chooses to do His work through them.

We can see so much of this in the story of the birth of Jesus. We can see His way in the way He chose Mary. The most significant birth of all happened in the most humble way. It’s such an incredible thing to see the Lord’s orchestration of the most beautiful story of all eternity.

What if Mary said, “No – I don’t want to do that. It’s too risky, it’s too inconvenient. I just want to get married and have my life and my family and live a normal life.”

I mean, just think of how incredibly inconvenient that was for Mary and Joseph.

But they were willing, and by the world’s standards, pretty “insignificant and unlikely”… and yet, look what God did. He used them in the most beautiful story ever written.

Guess what though? We get to be a part of that very same story. It’s still being written.

I sure am thankful that He can use even me. (As long as I don’t let stubbornness get in the way!) That’s the thing though. I have to be willing. I can’t deem myself so insignificant that I exclude myself from His story, His plan.

Thank you God for what You’ve done, what You’re doing, and what You will do. But most of all, thank you for who You are. Thank you for writing this story for all of us from the deepest depths of your heart.

Merry Christmas!

–Heather ?

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