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12.27.18 – Photo”journalist”

I love connecting the dots that lead to discoveries, don’t you?

I love when I discover something, then immediately something in the past starts to connect to this newly discovered thing…. and then another thing that I suddenly remember gets tied in.

Everything starts to make sense together and I start to see part of a picture.

The Lord showed me some things about who I am last night after I connected these pieces, and it was a very sweet discovery in the way that He showed me.

It’s a beautiful thing, the way our Father shows us our worth to Him.

Do you know that even though I’ve done photography for over 10 years now, it has taken me this long to recognize my personal “style”?

I am a photo”journalist”.

I document what I see, what I find, what I’m led to, what I discover. I take note.

Then I make a “composition”…

Sure, I can do other kinds of photography, and I often do… I can style a shoot and make something look pretty and capture it that way, I can create a scene with a story in a sense, but I have finally come to the realization that my most favorite way to capture something photographically is in a journalist sort of way.

Jason has incredible vision. He’s good at creating things. That man can style some flowers or create a scene in a way that would surprise you. Haha Me, I usually need to be able to see and observe something to be inspired to capture it. Those differences strengthen us when we work together, and I love that.

But I’m also realizing that I document with a pen too. It’s the same thing except the difference is one way uses written words, the other uses no words. But now more than ever I am compelled to write things down.

Interesting the things the Lord shows us about ourselves when we ask Him.

A 33 year old still discovering who she is. Sounds funny, but you know, I’m okay with that. Keep showing me who I am, Lord!

I have a feeling I’ll be discovering who I really am for the rest of my life.

–Heather ?

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