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12.28.18 – A head start on “Spring Cleaning”…

Right now, as I type this, I am sitting at my most favorite spot in the whole house –the dining room table, the chair to the farthest right-hand corner.

It’s the perfect spot to see the sunrise. It’s where I sit every morning as I come before the Lord to start the day.

Well, today, as I look to my left at the table before me, I have all kinds of random things sitting on my table, piled up, and I have the tiniest little corner to sit my books, journal and iPad on.

Typically this kind of distraction would irritate me. I would typically allow this sort of thing to keep me from focusing, but I know that all of these things represent “progress” and I couldn’t be more excited about that.

We’re officially getting a head start on “Spring cleaning”…

You see, Jason and I have decided to go through everything we have –boxed up things, everything –and we are going to get rid of anything we don’t need or use. If it doesn’t mean something to us, we’re getting rid of it. Anything that has become a hindrance is getting trashed, sold, or donated.

What good is a thing if it keeps us from getting to the things we need? What good is a thing if it keeps us from having the space for the things we need? What good is a thing if it’s going to hinder us in daily life?

It was actually Jason’s idea to start on this (which is so right up my alley. Haha) But the part I don’t like is the in-between part of the process when everything has to sit out in the open for a little while –unboxed and sitting in the floor until it’s gone through.

You should have seen some of the the things rediscovered so far –Old journals of mine from over the years, old papers from school, old crafts and things we made as kids, CDs and floppy discs, we found some treasures that we were glad to find, old books that we didn’t know we had… and we also found some things that didn’t mean anything to us that were valuable enough to sell or give away.

There are some things that are getting burned in the wood stove ?

We found old notes we had written to each other, photographs that have never made it into a photo album, and even old poems and writings we’d written as kids.

Some of the things we’ve found are treasures rediscovered, and others are things we are eager to trash.

It’s a process that I am thankful to be in right now. Couldn’t be a better way for us to head into this new year…

Ridding of the old and making room for the new…

“Let your life reflect the faith you have in God. Fear nothing and pray about everything. Be strong, trust God’s word, and trust the process.” 
― Germany Kent

-Heather ?

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