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1.7.19 – The Restoration Process: Discovery

Have you ever heard of people discovering hidden treasures in old houses as they renovate?

I keep thinking about that as we renovate our home. Wouldn’t that be something?

The other day as we were tearing down a doorway opening in a closet that connects to the attic, and we discovered some old vintage gift boxes that were hidden within the walls. A couple of the gift boxes were empty, but one contained a couple of little “treasures” –or they seemed to have been “treasured” by the way they were contained. Kept in a nice little box, a small metal “dime” jar used to keep change, a small wooden bottle also meant for change, and a tiny little orange paper hat. These three things were kept together in this little box. I could tell they must have meant something special. Who knows when these boxes last saw the light of day. It was pretty neat to discover these hidden things.

It’s strange to think about these things being hidden within the walls of our home for all this time. Hidden and yet they were very much a part of this house.

I am in the process of discovering things I never knew about myself.

Things I never knew were there, but they’ve been there all along.

It’s pretty strange to discover things that have been there for 33 years and I’m just now finding them. They were there all along, they were just buried and hidden –covered up. I just had to tear down some walls to discover them. I’m still tearing down walls.

Thank you, Lord for helping us to tear down the walls so that we can start to discover who You have created us to be. ???

–Heather ?

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