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1.10.19 – A Collection of Maps

The Lord has a way of putting a twist into the story sometimes, doesn’t He?

But it’s a wonderful kind of twist in the story. A welcomed twist in the story.

He can take our story and redeem it. Turn it around. He transforms all the pain, mistakes, and regret into purpose.

When we make Jesus our map, He redeems our journey.

He brings order.

Even the detours, even the places in the road where we’ve hit a dead end.

He takes our journey and turns it into a book of maps. An “atlas”. A collection of maps. Roadways, recorded and redeemed. Put to good use.

Jesus is the map to where we are headed, He’s all we need to know now, our compass… but He puts our journey into our book of maps, an “atlas” that traces back over our lives. Roadways that are recorded and put to good use – used so that we can tell others about our journey –where we came from, what the Lord has done, and where He is now taking us.

When Jesus becomes our way, He makes sense of our journey – past, present, future. Those old roads we think don’t matter now. They’re not all just a big waste. He gives those roads a name, and records them into our book of maps so we can carry them with us and use them for good — for a purpose, for the Kingdom.

These maps don’t weigh us down. We can look back on them gladly and share about those roads without feeling regret or shame because we know He has given those roads a name –a purpose. We keep them with us, our book of maps, to remember what the Lord has done. He brings order and purpose to the messy roadways we’ve made for ourselves.

He’s redeeming our journey as we make Him our way.

Now, sometimes as He is redeeming our journey, there will be pages in our book of maps, routes that would seem impossible to take. Cliffs and jumps and bridges that were out. Roadways that don’t make logical sense. That’s because He got us through that route. There’s no reasonable explanation on how one could take that road.

And now as we see someone else taking a road we recognize from one of our pages of our book of maps, we can understand what that person is going through as they take that same road. We understand –we can understand perhaps like no one else on earth can.

We know that road from of our book of maps. We know the pain, but we also and more importantly know what the Lord has done. And we know what He can do.

Thank you Lord, for your beautiful way of redemption. For taking our messy roads and bringing order to them, that our book of maps may be used for your Kingdom and for Your glory. You give purpose to our story.

–Heather ?

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