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1.11.19 – The Untangling Process

Some things in life take some untangling don’t they? Some things take some undoing.

Oh the things we do to ourselves. Often things we don’t even realize we are doing until the Lord so graciously reveals them to us.

These things we’ve so twisted up…. a tangled mess, a thread that went haywire and turned into a twisted ball of knotted confusion –we become caught in our own web.

The Lord wants to create things for our lives, with our lives… how can we do this if we are too busy building up the wrong things for ourselves? If we are too busy taking our thread and letting it turn into an unruly knot?

I’m thankful that the Lord is willing and able and glad to help us untangle. Isn’t that life? Funny how it seems we spend the first part building, building, building it up, and then when we finally take hold of the Lord we spend the next part unraveling, undoing, simplifying –unmaking what we’ve made for ourselves.

He is willing to help us unravel out of the web we’ve built for ourselves. Isn’t that the most beautiful picture?

Have you ever tried to get a giant knot out of your hair? I mean a “rats nest” kind of knot that hides under your hair for quite some time (I am speaking directly from my childhood here. Haha) It takes time sometimes, doesn’t it? It takes care and patience and sometimes some detangle spray. Better to work it out patiently than having to cut it out impatiently. (Unless it’s chewing gum that a boy threw into your beautiful long hair –ha. *rolls eyes*)

Untangling can be a process, and often not a fun one. But untangling leads to order, and when there is order, new creation can begin again. ?

What a beautiful unraveling of the tangled thread… an undoing so that He can weave us back together into His beautiful, intentional, completely unique design that He always intended us to be. ?

–Heather ?

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