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1.12.19 – Abundant

Well, this is kind of exposing…

…but some of my most memorable moments with the Lord are when I’m in the shower. When I’m at my most vulnerable state. When it’s just me and Him and no one else.

(Quick Side Note: Did you know that I used to feel so much fear when I would take a shower? Yes, even as an adult. Tormented. I would get spooked so bad that I about couldn’t stand it. Even as a kid I would constantly look out the shower curtain to see if something was there. Isn’t that interesting how the Lord has transformed this into such a beautiful, peaceful time with Him?)

The other day when I was getting ready, I was in the shower and I asked the Lord if He had a word for me. I asked Him what was on His heart. But what I heard was not something that I instantly understood how I should apply it in that moment.

When I asked Him what was on His heart for me to hear, I heard,

“I am abundant” (or “abundance”)

You see, I’m in the process of clearing things out of the way and learning to lean in to listen for what He says — to expect to hear, and then learning to remember to ask Him for further understanding of what I hear.

I never really think of the word “abundant” really, other than abundant grace, or maybe abundant provision, but in that moment I didn’t know what to do with it. So I thanked Him for it, and asked Him if He could show me what I should do with it.

And what have I done with it? Well, I’ve been sitting on it, and as I’ve been sitting on that word, the Lord has shown me how that “abundance” of who He is, is literally everything. It literally applies in all things, all circumstances.

He is abundant.

What does abundant mean?

-existing or available in large quantities; plentiful.

-having plenty of.

-a very large quantity of something.

-plentiful, copious, ample, profuse, rich, lavish, liberal, generous, bountiful, large, huge, great, overflowing, superabundant, infinite, inexhaustible, opulent, prolific, profusion, plentifulness, profuseness, copiousness, amplitude, affluence, lavishness, bountifulness, infinity, opulence, exuberance, luxuriance, full

I love this verse…

“Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; His understanding is beyond measure.” – Psalm 147:5

And this one…

“They are filled from the abundance of Your house;

You let them drink from Your refreshing stream” – Psalm 36:8

God is overflowing with abundance… He is “abundant-ness-ness.”

He is all that we could ever need, each and every day, and for all of eternity. He is abundantly more, overflowing in goodness, strength, love, grace, kindness, provision, and fullness.

We can apply His abundance to any kind of situation, any kind of need, any kind of issue, in any circumstance. He is and will always be – abundantly…everything we could ever need.

So thank you Lord, for showing me how I can so apply that to literally anything I could ever face in life. You are abundant, always full of everything I could ever need, anything I should face, anything I could ever imagine. ⛰??

–Heather ?

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