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1.13.19 – Growing Capacity

I’ve been thinking a lot about the refining process lately. This painful-beautiful process we begin as we take hold of His hand and begin moving forward. The tearing down, the burning away, the painful process of being demolished, decluttered –taking out the old and making room for the new… growing in capacity.

Over the last couple of weeks I keep hearing this phrase, and I felt inspired to put it down here today.

“We have to be the kind of people they can come to.”

When they come, when they come searching for Jesus, will they find Him in me?

When I heard this phrase something about it had a “zing” to it that got my attention. It really got my attention, convicted me, and it made me think of the “process of refining” differently — it’s bigger than just me, it’s not so much about what’s going on within me, as it will be about creating a capacity for “Him and them”.


It means,

-the maximum amount that something can contain.

-fully occupying the available area or space.

-the amount that something can produce.

-the ability of power to, experience, or understand something.

The lost, the brokenhearted, the discouraged, the uncertain, the hopeless, the devastated, the fearful, the poor… we have to be made into the kind of people they can come to. When they come, will they experience Christ? In order to have the capacity, the room for Him, we need the old to go and the capacity to be built up, open and willing, ready for the new.

When they come, will they find Jesus in us? Is there room for Him within us? Will they be able to see and experience His love in and through us?

Is a broken-hearted person able to lean on a person who is cold and bitter?

Can a discouraged person see the hope of Christ in a person who is hopeless?

Can a lost person see the truth of Christ in a person who is living a life of deception?

Can a fearful person find the peace of Christ in a person who is so crippled in anxiety?

Can they see and experience Him? Or do the issues, does my “clutter” block everything…

Lord, I see this refining process, this “decluttering” process a lot differently now. How You want us to grow our capacity, not only for our own lives, for there to be space for You, but also so much for others. That they may be able to find more of You when they come to us. Help us to keep tearing down these hindrances, this “clutter” that keeps us from growing in capacity for You! That we may represent You well.

Let my story bring You glory!

–Heather ?

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