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1.20.19 – Getting to a Willing Heart

What do you do when life brings you to a position where you have to make a big yes or no decision?

This is where I suddenly find myself.

Sitting here with a big thing sitting right before me in my path.

As I’m sitting here with this big thing right before me, I don’t know what He’s going to ask me to do. I honestly don’t know the answers right now.

I could choose to try and ignore it. I could choose to truly seek the Lord about it.

Well, I’m in the place of seeking the Lord about this big thing

“Lord, what do You have to say about this?”

Right now I truly don’t know the answer. I’m sitting in a place of unknown.

But I know that no matter what the decision may end up being, the Lord is teaching me to check my heart, to see if I am really in a place of willingness to follow Him — regardless of what He leads me to and asks me to do about it.

I didn’t want to write about this today, because it’s such a raw and real place, the honest truth of where I am in this moment. It’s a hard place for me to be. But I have to be honest about where I am.

What if He gives me an answer I don’t like?

I’ll be honest and say that just being willing to ask Him about it was a hard thing for me to push through, and that surprised me a little bit, but I found an area that I realized I need to ask the Lord to help me work through — an area to address. I’m thankful that He helped me to push through “Step 1” in order to get to a place of truly seeking His guidance regarding this big thing.

This is where I am.

–Heather ?

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