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1.30.19 – Reminders of Psalm 91 Promises

I was reminded yesterday of the promises within Psalm 91. The beauty of that psalm. How the Word is timeless, always applying to life no matter the day and age. I think Psalm 91 applies to “now” more than ever. How truly relevant this scripture is.

As you know from the title of this journal, “Life in the Secret Place”, Psalm 91 has such significance in my life. But over the last few weeks I have found myself studying other passages of scripture during my morning time. Still my “key” bookmark is kept in my bible at Psalm 91. I feel that it will always stay in that place. As if that “key” was meant to be a reminder of the promises Psalm 91 holds, and at the same time, Psalm 91 reminds me of how a “key” works.

As I read Psalm 91 from my bible aloud this morning, something comes alive in me again. I am reminded of the truth. I am reminded of reality. I am reminded of His promises.

I came across this passage and I think the commentary is absolutely beautiful. Thought I would share it on here today,

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High. What intimate and unrestrained communion does this describe! — the Christian in everything making known his heart, with its needs and wishes, its thoughts and feelings, its doubts and anxieties, its sorrows and its joys, to God, as to a loving, perfect friend. And all is not on one side. This Almighty Friend has admitted his chosen one to his “secret place.” It is almost too wonderful to be true. It is almost too presumptuous a thought for such creatures as we are to entertain. But He himself permits it, desires it, teaches us to realise that it is communion to which he calls us. “The secret of the Lord is with them that fear him.” And what is this “secret”? It is that in God which the world neither knows, nor sees, nor cares to enjoy. It is his mind revealed to those that love him, his plans, and ways (“He made known his ways to Moses”,  Psalms 103:7 ), and thoughts opened to them. Yea, and things hid from angels are manifest to the least of his friends ( 1 Peter 1:12 ). He wishes us to know him, and by his Word and by his Spirit he puts himself before us. Ah! it is not his fault if we do not know him. It is our own carelessness.”

-Mary B. M. Duncan, in “Under the Shadow”, 1867.

–Heather ?

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