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2.6.19 – Truth is my Shield

“…His truth shall be your shield and buckler…” – Psalm 91:4

Lies and deception… what can they do? They have the potential of causing confusion, distraction, destruction. Lies and deception lead to captivity.

What does truth do? It clears everything up, it sets us free, it blots out the lies…

Truth is a protective shield against the threat and danger of lies and deception.

Imagine this protective shield of truth…

When all the lies, illusion, gossip, distractions, the most deceptive attempts to shut us down come flying at us, we can put up that shield of truth, and it immediately blocks it all out. This shield of truth says, “Oh no you don’t – this is the truth, I know it.” And all of those attempts bounce away.

Isn’t that amazing?

I know what you’re probably thinking, “Well, it’s not that easy.”

But what if it could be? What if the truth was so REAL to us that there would be no room for anything else? What if the truth was so part of us that we instantly recognize the counterfeit, the false, and we can say, “Wait, not so fast. *holds up shield* No, I know this is the truth. Moving on…”

I have lived so much of my life in lies and deception. I battle the lies every day, but now that I know the truth, now that I agree with the truth, I now have a shield. ☔️

And by the way, a “buckler” is a small, easily accessible, easily and quickly usable type of shield! The truth – the Word is a large protective shield, and it’s also a small, quickly accessible and highly efficient “buckler”.

His truth tells me who He is, what He has done, who I am, what He has equipped me to do, and what He will do. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that certain parts apply to me, but I know that it’s the solid truth, and though it may be a process for it to be made real to me in my own life, “let the process begin.”

Lord, thank you for the truth of Your Word. Open our eyes as we open Your book. May the truth be so real and part of us that the lies and deception don’t stand a chance.⚡️

-Heather ?

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