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2.12.19 – An Interesting Twist

Well, yesterday had kind of an interesting twist.

I slipped and fell as I was stepping onto some wet steps. Felt like I flew up and came down pretty hard. Thankfully it was my tailbone and not my head.

Anyway, it hurts.

Yes, it’s kind of embarrassing. Who knew a tailbone could hurt so bad. Ha.

I can move now, not as much as I’d like, but I can walk around slowly, and I can lay down. Today my goal is to see if I can somehow sit down.

I laughed yesterday at something Jason said- it was one of those laughing while crying moments, and goodness, did it hurt to laugh… but I decided I’d just keep laughing even though it hurt because I know laughing is a weapon. ✨

So ya’ll pray for me today! I need to not have any broken or cracked anything, don’t have time for that, I need to be well and I need to be able to move around. I’ve got things to do, life to live.

–Heather ?

P.S. It’s a good day to listen to “Raise a Hallelujah” by Bethel Church.

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