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2.15.19 – Better than Before

This morning I am rejoicing because I am sitting at my spot at the table with the Lord this morning. Our early morning meeting place. ?✨☀️? I’ve so missed it.

If you’ve read in my journal over the last few days, you may have read about the fall I took on Monday, which has shaken up my week a little bit.

But the interesting thing is that this “shaking up” has actually done more good than bad…

Isn’t that just like God? ?

Over the last few days as I haven’t been able to do very much other than lay down, stand (but not walk too much, not bend over, and not sit) so I’ve been very limited on what I could do. But it’s been rather interesting to see what has taken place this week.

While it seems I may have “lost time” in not doing my usual daily tasks, editing, administrative office work, and house work… the Lord has done some things that seem as though they brought me “light years” further into my life.

Over the last few days, the Lord has connected some dots, put together some of the puzzle pieces I’ve had laying around — He’s shown me some things about my life, about who He has created me to be, and what He has created me to do. While still only glimpses, I feel such encouragement, I feel in my spirit such revelation, such clarity. He’s helping me to make sense of some things that are within me.

As I sat down at the table this morning, I started writing some things down, and as certain things became so very clear to me, I just wept. I could see. I understood.


All of the things the enemy has tried to steal, or has stolen from me in my life… they’re being restored. The Lord said, “not so fast”… He’s got redemption in mind. ???✨?

I thank You, Lord, that You have not only redeemed this fall I had this week, but You are doing GREATER things, You are restoring what was lost in my life, what was stolen — You are making things even better than what would have been before. I thank You for all that You have done, all that You are doing, and all that You have in mind to do. ?

–Heather ?

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