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2.22.19 – Pieces of the Puzzle

Last night a few things came together…

A few pieces started to come together to make more sense.

The Lord has been doing things, allowing things, taking us through things lately, and each piece, individually and in its own way has seemed questionable.

We have had some big life questions for the Lord, and while He has confirmed a lot to us over the last few weeks, and while He has given us some grounding direction –there is so much still unknown. But that’s life, isn’t it?

I mean, when you look at one piece of a puzzle, usually nothing about that one piece or even two or three pieces makes any sense.

I have a feeling that He is going to be showing us more of this “puzzle of life” as the pieces come together.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, that’s okay. I really have no idea what I’m talking about either. And I’m sorry if I’m sounding vague. Everything in its time. I really think that I’ll look back on this journal and see how it fits into the puzzle as well.

But it’s also interesting to see how things seem to come together in a way that is so “not what you think” and “not what you expect”. It’s not the “worst” of what we think, it’s better than the best that we could ever imagine for ourselves. (I have no idea where that even came or why I typed that last sentence, but I’m leaving it there.)

I think sometimes the Lord uses these kinds of big challenges, big life questions, uncertainty, trials, and hard, questionable situations to bring us into a place of realization of who He has created us to be. Building of character. Shaping. These situations can be the doorway of us stepping into our purpose.

I really have no idea what I am even trying to say right now. I want to keep this journal authentic and accurate, I want this journal to reflect the reality of my life. And right now as I am realizing “some” things, I want to write from my heart, even if it doesn’t make any sense on the page, or even in my own head.

All I am trying to say, is God has a way of taking seemingly “bad” situations (hard situations, troubling situations, challenging situations, and all the tears) and pulling them all together into this “puzzle” so that everything begins to fit together, every piece has been made into a good piece –a piece of the puzzle that fits into the bigger picture, the bigger plan. Every piece of this puzzle has a reason and a purpose. He just has a way of doing that, doens’t He?

I’m thankful that He’s got this. I’m thankful that He’s got me.

–Heather ?

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