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2.24.19 – NYC – We’re coming to see you!

A few weeks ago we had some friends stay with us. They were driving across the country, heading back to their home in NYC and they stopped in to see us. Actually, it was the first time we had officially met face to face, which is wild because we’ve known them online for a while and felt like we’d known them forever.

Well –now we’re going to visit them in their neck of the “woods” for a few days…

They’ve started a church there in Brooklyn, and we look forward to seeing what the Lord is building there in their town and what He’s doing in their lives.

Here’s a video they captured when they came to visit us. We finally sat down to share some of the story of when our gear was stolen in 2015. These guys completely blew us away by sending us this camera. They’ve been such a blessing to us. See what the Lord did…

Check it out:

–Heather ?

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