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3.2.19 – Getting to Know His Character

I love how the Holy Spirit leads us, how He guides us, how He reminds us, how He shows us, how He teaches us –how He shows us what’s on the Father’s heart.

I told Jason the other day so out of the blue, “OH MY GOODNESS… the Holy Spirit is like a GOOGLE SEARCH! He searches the Father’s heart for us!” Haha and then I wondered if I was being out of line. Then later I had heard someone else say something similar and I thought, hey, it’s kind of true. ?☺️

I feel like I am learning so much about these beautiful qualities of His character. His way. His personality.

Sometimes it seems these lessons are learned best within the trials, within the hard times, within the challenges, and within the uncertainty.

Sometimes it feels like, “Well, God — why did You choose to do it this way?”

“Why did I have to go through this thing in order to receive this life lesson? Why did I have to experience this or that in order to understand?”

Sometimes I can see and understand why, and sometimes it doesn’t make any sense until much later. Sometimes it doesn’t ever make “sense” and probably won’t on this side of eternity.

But I know that I can always know this…

He is for me. He is leading me. He’s got my back. He hears me. He knows me. He loves me. He has a plan for my life. I can trust Him.

How gentle He is. I love how patient He is with us. I love how sometimes He doens’t say a thing, He just waits until the right time for us to understand. I love how He waits. I love how He waits on us. I love His kind and loving ways. I love these things about Him. I love getting to know Him.

This morning I am filled with so much thankfulness. I love His ways. I love His character. I love discovering Him.

What a life.??

–Heather ?









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