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3.12.19 – Always on His Heart

I keep waking up with songs playing in my head ?✨?

This morning as I woke up and headed into the kitchen to make my coffee, I kept heraring these lyrics from a worship song we sing at church…

“Let us adore…

Wonderful Savior…

Let every heart sing!

And crown Him forever our King!”

I know the lyrics don’t really go exactly in this order in the actual song, which is from “Highest” by Hillsong Worship, but this is how I kept hearing them in my head this morning.

So I wrote them down that way in my journal.

Then I pictured Him, the celebration of Him, our King Jesus.

Then I thought of this Wonderful Savior King, Jesus.

Our gentle, powerful, loving, kind, caring, faithful, wonderful King.

This mighty King that I only have the smallest glimpse of an understanding of, and yet I feel that I know Him so well. I do.

But how deeply He knows me. How deeply He loves me.

Our beloved King Jesus.

One day I’ll come face to face with Him, and it will be like we’ve always known each other forever.

Because we have.

I asked Him this morning,

“Lord, do You have something on Your heart this morning for me?”

And before I could even finish writing that down, I heard,

“Oh yea!” ? ?

He has SO much on His heart for us. He always does.

There is always something there in His big heart –His beautiful, tender, living, loving heart –for us.

He always has us on His heart. He’s always thinking of us. We’re always on His mind.

He always has something in store for us. He’s always cooking something up for us.

Someting good. ?

Isn’t that amazing? ?

–Heather ?



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