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3.15.19 – Heart-to-Heart Conversations

Sometimes the absolute best thing in the world, is a sit-down, heart-to-heart conversation with our Father.

“Father, here it is, here is my mess, here is what I have, here is what it is, here is what I am facing within myself…”

…One of those “run to your Father, and tell Him everything, snot and tears (sorry for that visual -ha) pour your heart out”, kind of conversations.

They’re the best. There’s something about the emptying out of all my stuff, all of my mess, all that overwhelms me, all that burdens me — when it’s with Him, He takes it and replaces it with encouragement, hope, peace and love.

You know what I heard Him say after I got through pouring out my heart into my journal about some things this morning?


And I said, “Lord, how am I going to navigate through all of these things, through what seems like a mess?”

and He said…

“Leave that up to Me.”


Lord, I trust You with my life. I trust You with those who are within my life.

I trust You, I trust You, I trust You.

–Heather ?

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