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3.16.19 – Lightbulb Moments

I’m just amazed this morning at how some things in my life suddenly came together, how some light and clarity came to clear some things up.

There have been a few things I have been sitting on to try and understand for a while and yesterday and into this morning they’ve now connected.

The Lord truly gives us understanding when the time is right for us to understand.

There’s always a reason for the way He does things. There is a reason for the way He teaches us things.

And while we’re learning and walking with Him through it all, we are perfectly kept and protected. He guides us, He won’t let us fall when He’s leading us through times that are maybe not so clear to us –But He has full understanding. ✨

I love how He teaches us, how He leads us into understanding, and when that revelation and understanding comes, we get that lightbulb moment and we can suddenly see what He was showing us, connecting it with what happened, what He was doing, and what He is doing now to teach me.

I won’t go into detail, but the Lord had given me two separate dreams, and I had a feeling they might be significant for this specific time in my life, but I wasn’t completely clear on the whole picture, I just saw parts, and I prayed into those parts.

This morning, the meanings of both of these dreams became clear to me, as I jotted down some notes and reflected on some circumstances. While also looking into the details of the two dreams, it all came together and it’s like I was able to see things I’ve never been able to see before, even though I have looked into these dreams many times.

Isn’t it something the way the Lord can communicate with us through our dreams? I get excited about that. I love to see Him do things like that.

So this morning I am having the biggest lightbulb moment and I’m excited about it. ?

I realize this post won’t make sense to most of you, but it’s about all I can write about right now. ? ? ??

Thank you, Lord!! I am so excited that You want to communicate with me. You want to show me things, You want to give me understanding of things, but in the right time, in Your time –because You love to teach us good things. You love to see us grow. You love to draw us closer and closer to You! What a wonderful teacher You are! I’m thankful for a Father like you!

–Heather ?


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