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3.18.19 – The Secret Garden

“The Secret Garden” — it’s one of my favorite childhood stories. Something about this story would so inspire me and give me hope as a child.


In the story, Mary –a  self-centered, spoiled, wounded little girl went on a journey to discover that there’s a world of others who are hurting out there –a world of others who need friendship, people who need to be shown love and kindness.

As Mary discovers this hidden away, forgotten, secret garden, she also discovers hope. Hope for healing, hope for discovering who she is truly made to be, hope for becoming.


As Mary is tending to this forgotten sanctuary of a garden, as she plays her part in bringing it back to life –she herself is coming to life. She is becoming who she was always meant to be, and she’s discovering things about herself that she never knew she had within her. She’s discovering that she has a purpose. She’s discovering that she was created to be brave, confident, imaginative, kind, and loving. Suddenly she’s finding her place.

As a little girl, I dreamed of having my very own “secret garden”.

There’s something about Spring, and there’s something about flowers and gardening that I love so much.

Maybe one day, I’ll get to have a “secret garden” of my own. I guess my dining room is pretty close ☺️ ???????☀️?


–Heather ?

P.S. In case you’d like to listen to the book, here’s an audiobook on Youtube.

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