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3.21.19 – “He’s up to something good.”

I love that nothing comes as a surprise to our God.

He already knows.

But He does love to surprise us. ☺️ ??

He’s the best at cooking up something good.

He’s always up to something good. Because He is good. That’s who He is.

That’s the phrase I’ve kept hearing and what’s been on my heart lately…

“He’s up to something good.”

It’s what I’m constantly being reminded of.

No matter what circumstance or situation we find ourselves in, God is up to something good. He always has something good in mind for His children. Why? Because He loves us.

This simple truth is what I am constantly reminded of lately.

I can just imagine Him, there behind the scenes, behind the veil…. with His beautiful wrapping paper and sparkly golden bows, and His greeting cards and love notes that He’s always writing for us… He’s got His tape and scissors and He’s wrapping His gifts for us…. and smiling to Himself all the while. He knows our hearts. ?

He’s got wonderful surprises in mind for His children. He has good gifts in store for us. Wonderful things that are good. The purest kind of good. The best things that we couldn’t imagine up if we tried.

I love that about Him. ?

So whenever I’m having a hard day or whenever I’m in a circumstance or situation that I don’t like. Maybe something that seems “not good”. I can always remember that nothing surprises Him…. and that He’s always up to something good for us. He’s always already working on the creation of that “goodness” in that situation that only He can do.

Thank you, Father. ☀️

–Heather ?

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