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3.22.19 – The Lesson Plan

Things in life don’t ever always remain the same.

As much as we long for certain things to remain the same…

…and as much as we are desperate for a change.

Sure feels like a struggle on either side, doesn’t it?

I so love a good routine. I love for things to remain the same.

I love to know what to expect. I love to know how to prepare.

I love for things to remain the same when I love those things.

When I’m comfortable there. 

But sometimes things need to be shaken up a bit –often for reasons we don’t understand while we’re in that current situation.

Do you ever take note of yourself trying to hang on to things that simply must change? Do you ever notice yourself trying to actually hang on to those things, not wanting to let go?

And do you ever grow tired and weary of things that remain the same? Do you ever notice yourself trying to make things happen?

But we’re in a life of constant learning. There is much to learn in this life.

I love how the Lord teaches us. He’s the greatest Teacher.

He has the best “lesson plan”.

Isn’t He the best–how He teaches us with a mix of lessons, revelations, truth, experiences, nudges, and guidance. We listen, we try, we sometimes fall, we get back up, we experience, we learn.

He’s our Constant. He sees the bigger picture. He sees the whole plan.

He knows what we need –sometimes we are to remain for a while, and sometimes we are to dramatically change. Slowing down and speeding up.

We are in the process of transformation, reshaping. Learning.

Within that process there are times of slowing down, and there times of speeding up.

It’s all part of the process. It’s all part of the walk. It’s all part of the lesson plan.

But in all that is constantly changing–both within us and around us –He is always the same.

He is always perfect. He always loves us. He’s always got our backs. He always has good things in mind for us.

–Heather ?

P.S. I don’t know if any of this makes a bit of sense, but I’m posting it anyway.

And as I was reviewing my spelling, etc I noticed in the subject that I accidentally typed “3:33” instead of 3.22, and I immediately thought of Jeremiah 33:3, so here it is…

“Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”













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